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    The Chinese People have had a long tradition of growing and eating konjac; however, it was not until the 80s of the last century that a konjac industry took shape in China. The main products processed from konjac include konjac chips, purified konjac powder and other konjac foods. Cultivation bases of konjac and factories and companies producing konjac products have since then greatly grown in number, but they are dispersed or isolated from each other geographically and the production, supply and marketing of konjac products were to be standardized and thus a nation-wide coordinating mechanism was badly needed. During the Sino-Japan Konjac Academic Conference, which was convened in the summer of 1995, people involved in the research, production and processing of konjac gathered in Chongqing. Both the enterprise and academic circles appealed for the founding of a national trade organization. As a result, a preparatory group was formed. The subsequent two-year preparation led to the official establishment of Chinese Konjac Association (KAC), whose founding ceremony was held from June 28 to 30, 1997 in Chongqing, during which time admission applications for collective and individual membership were discussed and approved, its Constitution was passed and its leading members, Chairman, Vice Chairmen, Secretary-General, (Permanent) Members of the Board of Directors, were elected.

    The Association is affiliated to China Horticulture Society.

    Since its founding, KAC has carried our vigorous investigation and study in various fields, created an internally circulated journal China Konjac Notes , promoted information exchange , organized diversified training courses, and strengthened guidance within the trade, thus greatly facilitating the sound development of konjac industry in China.

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